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Tv interview - Grande Tarde Sic - Entrevista Tv

Yesterday was a crazy, non-stop day. After heading into Lisbon to deliver a wedding cake, I turned around, loaded up the car again and headed to Carnaxide to the TV studios at SIC, for an appearance on one of Portugal's most popular daytime shows, Grande Tarde, with João Baião and Andreia Rodrigues. As it is July and it was the day after Portugal won the football match the night before, I didn't expect much traffic on the way in. The first trip in was a breeze, no problem, just as I had hoped. After returning to Cascais to prepare the cakes for the TV show, we somehow managed to get stuck in every traffic jam and behind every slow driver possible, making a 20 minute drive seem like an eternity.

Stopped in traffic for the umteenth time, we decided to make a little video to pass the time...

Once we got to SIC and unloaded all the cakes from the car and into the very welcomed air-conditioned studio, I went for hair and makeup. There's nothing better than getting a few minutes to decompress and close your eyes while an amazing makeup artist works their magic and transforms your face from tired and stressed into fresh and relaxed!

So now I was ready to go, and as I was waiting backstage for the show to start, one of the hosts, Andreia Rodrigues and I managed to snap a quick pre-show photo together. I can't tell you how amazing both Andreia and João Baião are, they made me feel so welcome! Plus, the audience was super friendly and excited to hear all about my cakes. I felt right at home.

As I waited for my segment to start, the show started with Andreia and João's intro. There's something so exciting about being in the studio with the lights and cameras, all the backstage buzz and the anticipation of getting ready to share part of what I love doing so much.

For the show I made a brand new towering 7-tier wedding cake to debut on TV. It took two of us to lift it, and I had to transport it in two pieces and put it together last minute, back stage. Here's a detail of the cake - all the lace was hand-piped, the sugar flowers and the sugar bows are all handmade from gumpaste. Roses, hydrangea, oriental peonies and parrot tulips, all made petal by petal, then hand painted and assembled. 

Here's a photo with João Baião and Andreia Rodrigues, the hosts of SIC's Grande Tarde. A big thank you for welcoming me and for giving me the platform to share my book, my work and some of my world with your viewers!

During the segment I demonstrated how to create the sugar lace on a cake like the 7-tier cake I brought. My idea was to explain the step-by-step process as I've explained it in my new book, A Bíblia dos Bolos de Casamento (The Wedding Cake Bible). Here's a photo of my demo, as well as a photo from the book with the actual step-by-step (in Portuguese).

After the demo I cut into the cake and shared it with Andreia and João, who loved it. Once the segment was over and we went to commercial, Andreia came back to share the cake with the filming crew who were all waiting behind the scenes to eat some cake!! 

João also came back over after the segment to have some more cake and to say thank you to ME, can you believe it?! It was ME who wanted to say thank you to him and Andreia! It was such a pleasure and honor, and it's always a challenge (in a good way) to do a 20 minute interview in Portuguese for me, sometimes it's hard to find the words to express what I want to say, but I think it went really well and I was very pleased!

I'm so very proud of what I do - I'm very lucky to have found my passion, in both my artistic, creative cakes as well as my books. It's so empowering to know that I'm able to inspire and help other people to grow as I share my knowledge. Thank you to everyone who wrote such caring and encouraging comments on my Facebook page

If you didn't get a chance to see the entire segment, here it is:

It's in Portuguese but the camera crew at SIC Grande Tarde did such an amazing job filming the interview and all the details on my cakes that it's worth watching, even if you can't understand. I hope soon to have the book in English for all of you who have been asking.

Now on to the next cakes! It's a sunny Friday afternoon in Portugal, I'm looking forward to a fun-filled (and work-filled) weekend. I will be back on TV next Thursday on SIC Mulher with Ana Rita Clara. Have a great weekend. 

xox Julie

ps: My dress was from BCBG and my necklace was from Stefanel! :)

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