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Tv interview - Faz Sentido - Sic Mulher - Entrevista TV

Yesterday I had the honor of being a guest on SIC Mulher's show Faz Sentido with host Ana Rita Clara, to talk about my new book "A Bíblia dos Bolos de Casamento" and to share a bit of my work with their viewers. 

The book is a great source of information and inspiration for anyone who is planning a wedding, with recipes, tips and step-by-step instructions on how to do many of the decorating techniques I use when making my wedding cakes. Ana Rita fell in love with the book and the photos (taken by my amazingly talented photographers, Hugo and Bruno of Clickt), and showed many of the photos live on TV. 

I decided to make a surprise baby shower cake for Ana Rita who is expecting a baby boy, using a combination of fresh flowers (most of which came from my friend and amazing florist Marta of FLOW - Floral Design, Weddings & Events - and my handmade sugar leaves. I hand painted the cake in shades of blue and surprised her on set, it was really cute.


We cut into the cake at the end of the segment and tasted the cake together, it was a chocolate cake with fresh blueberries and white chocolate swiss meringue buttercream (both cake and buttercream recipes are in my new book).

 Here's a detail of the cake, the fresh flowers gave such a simple, natural beauty to the cake and fit so well with the handmade sugar leaves that I cut, frilled and painted to match the cake, gently cascading down the cake as if the wind had blown them from the fresh flowers on top.

Thank you once again Ana Rita and the Faz Sentido team for welcoming me and for the fantastic coverage on my book and my work. I'm so thrilled that I had almost 20 minutes to share what I do with your viewers, I am so grateful. Thank you.

Here's the whole video segment from SIC Mulher's show Faz Sentido:

Happy Baking!
x Julie

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