quinta-feira, 10 de março de 2011

Sem glúten e mesmo assim delicioso! - Gluten-free and still delicious

O Jake e a Brita vão casar-se e para a sua festa de noivado, em Boston, fiz um bolo de baunilha com creme de manteiga e chocolate e muitas flores, tudo sem glúten. As flores foram feitas com antecedência e o bolo montado em Boston. As flores e folhas foram colocadas momentos antes do bolo ir para a mesa.

Jake and Brita are getting married, so for their engagement party (in Boston) we made a gluten-free vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream and lots of flowers. The flowers were made in advance and the cake was assembled in Boston, with the flowers and last minute leaves.

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  1. Hey Jules! Fruitcake here! I didn't know you set up this blog, awesome. I'll stop by every now and then to take a look at all those wonderful cakes you make and hopefully, we'll come visit you guys in Portugal soon. Thanks for linking our blog and our FB page too! Ciao, ciao.